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Spectrum Intervention Group

Spectrumig provide a complete training for Autism Spectrum disorder.

Spectrum Intervention Group's Bio:

Spectrum Intervention Group was founded in 2003 by two parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Lynne Thibodeau and Colleen Farrell McGuire. Spectrum was created to fill the void that existed in the Ottawa area for high quality, intensive in-centre services based on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis).


Spectrum’s main objective is to operate a non-profit centre for the education of children and youth diagnosed with an autism spectrum or related disorder. Spectrumig is registered as a charity; its objective is to provide quality services that are as affordable as possible to families through a combination of fees and fundraising.


Spectrumig provide the training for ABA and Intensive Behavioural Intervention. An autism ABA Training and Behavioural therapy uses different strategies to help a person learn life skills and more positive behaviours such as communication and social skills. Spectrumig also provided the services including Autism ABA Training and Therapy, Inclusion and Transitions Program, Outreach Program, Parent Training and Family Consultation Program, Social Skills for Children with Autism.


For more details please visit us at or call us (613) 723-0606 today for a free consult.

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